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Our museum is now open for 2016. We are open four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Research day) and Friday. On Thursdays the museum is closed for maintenance.


The Society is keen to hear from any local person who would like to help us rebuild this important website. Come and visit the museum if you are interested.


Currently we have a display relating to Lismore's support for the war effort in the First World War.

The Medicine chest from the SS 'Saint George' is now on display in the museum and includes two interpretive panels and free brochures detailing the history of the chest and a detailed analysis of the contents.

These contents give a very comprehesive picture of the state of medical practice on board seagoing vessels at the end of the nineteenth century. The panels and brochure were funded through a project support grant from the National Maritime Museum.“The Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian National Maritime Museum.”






'MEN AND A RIVER' second edition

Now available at the Museum for $25 per copy. This new edition can also be ordered for postage for an additional $10. Phone orders to (02) 66219993 (10 am - 4 pm).

Bundjalung Jugun - Bundjalung Country

This book tells the story of interaction between Aborigines and Europeans in Bundjalung Country from a Bundjalung perspective.

Bundjalung Jugun (meaning Bundjalung Country) is a Richmond River Historical Society (RRHS) publication written by Jennifer Hoff and includes extensive consultation with Bundjalung Elders.

Uncle Fletcher Roberts, who had a long association with the museum, became the motivating force behind the Bundjalung Yanha (Bundjalung Way) permanent exhibition and this book, Bundjalung Jugun. His wise direction set cultural guidelines throughout the project.

Bundjalung Jugun is a series of themed stories of early life in Bundjalung Country; from the Logan to the Clarence River. Major elements include the European invasion, cedar cutting, squatting and settlers' lives and the traditional pattern of life for Bundjalung people pre-1788.

Reminiscences, teachings and stories by Bundjalung Elders of several generations form the heart of the book. The Richmond River Historical Society's holdings of folios, notes, letters, photographs and tapes contributed an important collection of first hand accounts.

Bundjalung Jugun is available from the RRHS for $50 plus postage.

cover of Men and a River

Cover of Second Edition - Men and a River



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