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There is something for everyone to see and appreciate during a visit to the museum. It is recognised as one of the best collections in regional New South Wales.

The main display area is in the Council Chamber, which is lined with cedar taken from the homestead of the Kyogle pastoral run. It features musical instruments and other fascinating artefacts. Major exhibitions are mounted here.

A feature of the main hallway is an exhaustive display of local native timbers.

There are also rooms for aboriginal, industry, natural history, pioneer and shipping displays. In the industry room may be seen artefacts used by early timber getters and other workers. Domestic utensils are also displayed, revealing something of the difficult life experienced by early families.

The Bundjalung Yanha (Bundjalung Way) exhibition deals with the history of the Bundjalung people whose traditional country this is. It covers such areas as Caring for Country; Ceremonies and Gatherings; Old Ways, New Ways; and Quiet Achievers.

Within the Industry room is an exhibition, based around an original NSW Lancers uniform of the 1890s which belonged to Otto Armbruster, titled As Good As Any Man. It marks the significant role of the Lancers in local history and also the contribution of families such as the Armbrusters in the development of the region.

Displays are regularly rotated.

Special exhibitions are frequently provided.
See News page for the latest information.

Cameras may not be used in any area of the Museum or Research Centre unless with permission from the Management Committee.

The museum is frequently used as a teaching aid, with visits from primary, secondary and tertiary students from TAFE and Southern Cross University.

School Visits
To assist us to make school visits more enjoyable and rewarding, we make the following suggestions:

1. Pre-visit: It is advisable that there be a pre-visit to familiarise yourself with our collections and facilities. As there is no facility to provide students with tables, something hard to write on would be advisable.
2. Museum Tour Introduction: Please advise us if you require one of our custodians to give a short talk at the commencement of the tour and if there is any topic that you need covered.
3. Costs: See below.
4. Groups: A maximum of 30 students can be accommodated at one time.
5. Supervision: As students have to be divided into groups to view the various display rooms, we would appreciate it if there could be a teacher and an adult supervisor with each group. With younger primary school student groups, an adult for each ten students is advisable.

Tour leaders and educators can organise excursions and guides to the museum by telephone: (02) 6621 9993 or email:

The museum is housed in the old Lismore Municipal Building at 165 Molesworth Street, in premises provided by Lismore City Council. See the Lismore CBD map.

Museum Admission:
Adults: $2
School students: $1
Children under 12: 50¢ each Primary School Groups: 50¢ each for students, $2 for adults
Secondary School Groups: $1.00 each for students, $2 adults

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. See News for holiday opening and closing times.


Old Council Chamber

Old Council Chamber

Display of local native timbers

Display of local native timbers

One of the displays in the Bundjalung exhibition

One of the displays in the Bundjalung exhibition

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