Richmond River Historical Society
District History  

The Richmond River district has a fascinating history, from the arrival of the Bundjalung people some 6,000 years ago, through the explorations of Captain Henry Rous in 1828, to subsequent white settlement and changing patterns of society and industry leading to our present multicultural society.

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Brief Chronology of the Richmond River

Floods - The Human Touch by Margaret Henderson
[Originally written as school project material for Lismore City Council website, 2002.]

Downturn at the Dairy by Margaret Henderson
[Based on a story written for the Lismore City Council website in 1999, aimed at children undertaking school projects on local history.]
Part 1: The Pioneers; Land Boom; First Dairy; Early Problems
Part 2: Dairying Takes Off
Part 3: Overcoming Problems
Part 4: Marketing; The Milk Zone War
Part 5: Defeat in Victory for the North; The End of an Era




A common sight in the Lismore district - the Rainbow Region