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Mission Statement
RRHS was formed in 1936 to collect, preserve, display and disseminate historical material relevant to the continuing history of North Eastern NSW.

What we do
The Richmond River Historical Society consists entirely of volunteers who maintain, develop, interpret and promote the collections of the Museum and the Research Centre.

The Society welcomes volunteers. If you would like to apply to become a volunteer, please print out and complete a Membership Form and a Volunteer Form, and send to the address indicated on the forms.

Go to our Membership page for details of how to join the Society, benefits of membership, and fees.

The Richmond River Historical Society Inc. (RRHS), founded on 1 April 1936, was one of the first three historical societies formed in New South Wales outside the Sydney region. After going into recess during World War II, it was reconstituted in 1953.

The district served by the Society is the Richmond region, extending from the head of the river at Woodenbong and extending to the mouth at Ballina. It covers the Big Scrub east of Lismore, National Parks, grazing and farming country, as well as cities, towns and villages with a population of 140 000. See District Map.

The Museum and Research Centre is housed in the old Lismore Municipal Building in premises provided by Lismore City Council. See map showing location.

The Society's holdings show the evolution of the Richmond River area and its peoples from the arrival of the Bundjalung people some 6,000 years ago, through the explorations of Captain Henry Rous in 1828, to subsequent white settlement and changing patterns of society and industry leading to our present multicultural society.

Information on individuals, events and places connected with various groups of people can be viewed and studied at the Museum and the Research Centre. The comprehensive collection of material of cultural significance reveals the origins and emerging identity of the residents of the valley.

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For Museum opening hours, see our Museum page, and for Research Centre opening hours, see our Research Centre page.




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Map of Australia showing location of Richmond River District

Location of Richmond River District